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Waiting Energy Breakthrough 2015

Oil Waste

Oil Waste

As an importer and provider of subsidies, we are often worried by fuel. Außerdem, at the time of supply or dollar fluctuated. In 2012, the total oil subsidy just barely reaches 13% of the total budget in 1683 Billion. Entering the beginning of the political year 2014, hopefully there is improvement. Die Frage, “Are we seriously to escape from the problems of fuel?”

Tatsächlich, the issue of fuel is very logical. Consumption has increased as a result of increased economic growth and population. Increased welfare of a particular class, compounded by the poor condition of public transport, further encouraging the growth rate of private ownership cars. Everywhere people use private vehicles. Natürlich, while the fuel subsidized. Public transport without passengers, even during rush hour. Congestion has become a daily menu, especially in big cities. We are all aware, it’s a waste!

Jedoch, not many are aware that oil production is no longer able to pursue consumption. To meet, we’ve been importing oil (net) since more than 10 years ago. Denken Sie daran,, the current reserves was just enough for the next 10 Jahre!

Annoyed with the slow progress of oil, suddenly we were struck by the appearance of several electric vehicles. Hope was anchored to it. Die Frage, whether an electric vehicle is the solution for today? Wait! Patience! It is still a prototype, it takes refinement here and there. Takes more time!

Vielleicht, that should be questioned from now is, where the energy supply of the electrical vehicle? For the first phase, the source may still be supplied electricity from PLN. Jedoch, if the growth of electric vehicles has been increasing, PLN will definitely distraught. Messen (Energy Information Administraion) estimates that in 2011, 44 GW of capacity PLN, 86% came from conventional thermal sources from coal and gas (coal more than half), the remaining hydroelectric 9%, 5% Geothermie, and other renewable energy remaining.

Dann, until when we still rely on gas and coal?

With the current rate of consumption, without any further exploration discovery, and without the support of alternative energy sources, it will accelerate the exhaustion of gas and coal. They could disappear within 40 und 17 Jahre. The more exploited, the faster exhaustion. Whether it’s by the policy as a result of conversion to CNG, or export as state revenues.

After that, what? Are we ready to become an international energy beggar that anyone willing to sell? Are we ready to be pressed by involving energy agenda? Obviously, our future sovereignty could be threatened by the unpreparedness of energy today. This is a security issue – energy!

Let’s just say we were really serious about electric vehicles. So, there should be a breakthrough in preparing other power source. There is no choice, we must immediately apply renewable energy. The current status of the technology is already quite possible. Jetzt Schon, depending on how the system design to fit both economically and technically.

Zum Beispiel, the power source from solar cells. It could be one package, electric vehicles and charging systems. If considered overpriced and make it simple, the government could provide power charging stations, or modified the existing fuel station (SPBU) in some places. Sources of electrical energy can be derived from solar cells by utilizing the roof of the building around the power station.

If concerned, its potential is not only energy source availability and the industrialization of electric vehycle, but also progressively increased income and employment. In 2010, the solar cell industry in Europe is able to provide 2 employment per MW (megawatt) installed, with growth of 15% a year. The opportunity should be taken immediately. Wenn nicht, taken by someone else.

Jetzt Schon, all problems resolved by renewable energy in general?

Not as well! Do not be whiny and spoiled to wait until the realization of the electric vehicle. If we are no longer able to boost oil production, try to focus on how consumption is declining rapidly.

Im Wesentlichen, reduce waste on a large scale! The fact is, the phenomenon of congestion in big cities never stop, including holidays. We must turn the brain with great breakthrough, fast, frugal, healthy, and certainly brave! We need to establish an awareness and intelligence in energy.


Can we reduce the activities that require a lot of energy, either by transportation or for the location of these activities? With today’s advances in information technology, should be able for online activities. One does not have to move physically. This has been proved by the online business. This does not only reduce the fuel consumption for transport, but also reduce the consumption of energy, such as electricity for cooling office buildings and shopping centers. This positive trend should have responded quickly by the government. Create, how to spin the business efficiently!

Auch Noch, can we reduce the activity of operating hours and days on business and shopping center, without reducing productivity, quality of work or business opportunities? If we are not sure a full day, may be starting from a half-day reduction. The more days and hours are rested, the more energy savings. The negative impact of the business can be reduced if we could optimize the hours and days of work there. Im Wesentlichen, as long as we dare to try and run it seriously.

Dann, to reduce congestion and improve comfort, can we create a green city, culture, socializing, and artsy? Not just a concept and slogan! Perhaps there are many opportunities to promote re-cycling. It is unfortunate, if the curb is only used for overflow parking and street weekend markets. Schon Wieder, the results are congestion and waste. Expand open space such as squares and parks, so that people used for recreation, selling-buying, and performing arts into the evening, and so on. Rather than building a physical mall that takes a lot of energy and invite people to come, which would need more energy and waste. Cities in Europe and Japan have prove this concept. What about us?

Tatsächlich, there are many more that could be done better than these. This is just a trigger. The key, seriousness and breakthroughs. Dafür, we have to squeeze the brain and prove that energy is used and produced consciously and intelligently. Forget the waste and create energy opportunities!

So, are we seriously to escape from the problems of fuel? The answer should originally started from ourselves, public figures, local and national leaders, so as not to be a discourse. Let’s prove in 2015!

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