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Setting Price for RE

Garuda - Indonesia

Garuda – Indonesia

The Indonesia Ministry of Energy and Mineral Resources (EMR) is preparing a comprehensive regulation of the trade system and pricing for new and renewable energy. This regulation is not only for bio-energy, but all kinds of new and renewable energy. The new one will be stipulated in the Regulation of the Minister (Ministerial) on trade system and the price of renewable energy.

Previously, the government has issued rules and pricing trade system, which regulates the price of micro-hydro electric and bio-fuel trade system. Saat Ini, with the plan on this new rule, can be more thorough and not separately. According to Director General Renewable Energy and Energy Conservation, these rules will be grip in regulating the trade system as well as new renewable energy pricing. This rule can also be used for the benefit of electricity tariffs.

Sebagai contoh, the term Independent Power Producers (IPPs) already exist in the electricity business, then, also there will be rules regarding the Independent Fuel Producer (IFP). The regulation is being prepared. According to him, this step is part of government efforts to increase utilization of renewable energy. During this time, new and renewable energy that could have reduced tilled. The government promised to make best efforts, including the revitalization of national bio-energy programs.

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