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Green Eco

Jakarta is the capital of the Republic of Indonesia. Every day, Jakarta produces about 6000 Tons of municipal solid waste (MSW) and no place for final waste processing plant (FWPP) in the city itself. One of the biggest FWPP for Jakarta city is located precisely in Bantar Gebang, the city of Bekasi, West Java Province.

With the ability to accommodate as many as 6000 Tons of MSW per day, Bantar Gebang FWPP is able to generate electric power of 26 MW. MSW must be tated first with Landfill technology to produce methane gas and the convert the gas into electricity by combustion system.

In March 2010, Bantar Gebang FWPP power plant will carry out the trial. At this stage, the electric power will be produced only reached 2 MW. According to the plan, the full capacity of 26 MW will be achieved in the year 2011. All the electricity produced will be sold to PLN (Indonesian State owned electricity company) and will be distributed to the locations around the power plant in Bekasi.

If the power plant project in Bantar Gebang goes according to the plan, then the local government of Jakarta will continue to build other power plants. Those power plants will be built in Ciangir FWPP in Tangerang regency and Marunda FWPP in the north of Jakarta.

If the production of electricity in Bantar Gebang FWPP power plant is well targeted, Jakarta will firmly establish the Ciangir FWPP power plant and Marnda FWPP power plant.

The Ciangir FWPP has capacity 1.500 Ton of MSW per day from which are supplied from the West of Jakarta. Ciangir FWPP power plant is estimated producing electrical power of 4.5 MW and is expected to have operations in June 2010.

In the meantime, Marunda FWPP power plant will be built in 2011. Marunda FWPP has capacity 2.500 tons of MSW per day with a supply of garbage from North Jakarta. Marunda FWPP power plant is expected to be able to generate electric power of 10 MW.

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