India PV Power Plant

Sun as source of energy

Sun as source of energy

In September 2009, the first PV solar power plant was built in India. Solar power plant is planned in stages to reach 20 GW until 2020. Development of renewable energy power plant in India is a real contribution of preventing global warming.

This PV power plant will help India to meet the needs of solar energy like China, This is a 30 years investment scheme and expected to be a real contribution to India’s Climate Change to reduce emissions. If it is fully implemented, the PV power plant will be equivalent to one-eighth of the energy sources used in India which is a fourth largest emitted country in the world.

Indian solar project will consist of three phases. Initially, in 2012, production capacity will reach around 1-1.5 GW, reduce production costs, and increase use of domestic components. For information, a new world now produces 14 GW of solar power.

The project will open the potential for renewable energy for India. Not only that. Big profits will spray some related companies such as Tata BP Solar, a joint venture between Tata Power and BP Solar, a subsidiary of BP, Bharat Heavy Electricals Ltd. and Lanco Infratech.

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