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What is home energy audit?

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An energy audit for a home included the building envelope including all components, such as walls, ceilings, floors, doors, windows, and etc and each component has specific resistance, which is called U-value. During the energy audit, R-value for each component is measured or estimated. The goal of this exercise is to quantify the building’s overall thermal performance.

The audit may also assess the efficiency, physical condition, and programming of mechanical systems such as the heating, ventilation, air conditioning equipment, and thermostat. The energy audit also investigates the leakage such as the air leakage. The air leakage rate means the infiltration rate of air through the building envelope.

For a complete energy audit, it should be include a written analysis of report. The report must estimated the seasonal energy consumption for typical climate data. This could show the seasonal energy consumption for a given time period with specified equipment setting equipment. Tentu saja, the accuracy of energy estimates depends on the are actual homeowner’s billing history, included electricity, natural gas, fuel oil, or other energy sources consumed over a one or two-year period.

To be more precise, an interview must be conducted between the energy auditor and the home owners. The correct analysis may include the truth information given by the home owner to the auditor. By using some others climate data provided by local authorities, such as heating degree day and cooling degree day, the local weather data in combination with the thermal energy model of the building, the energy billing history from the local utility company can be calibrated. Those data will be easily simulated to provide the seasonal energy profile by using the home energy software which is much available in the market.

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