Jakarta Generated 26 MW Electricity from MSW

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Municipal Solid Wastes (MSW) are biomass.  They are called also as renewable energy source because they can be converted into useful energy. With increasing scarcity of fossil energy sources and global warming issue, the concept of processing waste as an energy source has a bright prospect for the future.

Every day, thousands of wastes are generated by residents of Jakarta. They are are processed in the Integrated Waste Places in Bantar Gebang, Bekasi, near to Jakarta. Most of the MSP are organic wastes. Unfortunately, all this MSW are not still used to generate energy. However, soon those wastes will be processed to produce electricity.

Applying Pirolysis technology, MSW in Bantar Gebang are estimated to generate electric power of 26 MW. For the initial phase, the garbage would be processed to generate 2 MW power by 2010. Assuming the power demand per simple household is 1 kW, the electricity from Bantar Gebang could supply for 26,000 household.