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Germany will close all the Nuclear Power Plant (NPP) until 2022

Nuclear Cooling Tower

Nuclear Cooling Tower

Germany closed all the Nuclear Power Plant (NPP) until 2022. German Chancellor, Angela Merkel, said the decision to gradually close all nuclear power plants until 2022. She determined to make Germany a pioneer in renewable energy. She also said Germany would reap economic benefits from this.

Merkel has formed a team to review the nuclear power after the nuclear crisis Fukushima in Japan. Fukushima crisis was triggered by the earthquake and tsunami in March 2011, so the anti-nuclear protest rising Germany. Anti-nuclear movement is supported by the German Green party.

Merkel coalition may be eyeing the future with this party. Merkel also believe that Germany will be a successful pioneer country for renewable energy. Nearly 25% of Germany’s power source comes from nuclear power. Closing nuclear power plant would have caused anxiety about the availability of energy in Germany. However, the energy commission ensure that wind power could supply electrical energy in the future.

Does Germany really would prove the commitment? Let us wait and see in 2022.