"Hinweise für Industrie & ENERGY"

Energy Efficiency for business

Green Business Building

Green Business Building

For the many small to medium-sized business operators seeking to reduce operating costs and employ green business practices, an energy-efficiency system is one significant way to reduce carbon emissions and boost the bottom line with funds otherwise paid to the utility company each month.

Below are five key reasons your company needs energy-efficiency system:

  1. Savings in terms of money: In mid-sized company, by improving energy efficiency systems by 10 percent to 20 percent could provide a return on investment in just six to twelve months. Energy-efficiency systems have various price-points. Depending on a business’s monthly energy bills, even just 10 percent in savings can provide a rapid return. Savings from a lower utility bill drop straight to a company’s bottom line, increasing its profitability without reducing head count or employee or customer amenities.
  2. Savings in terms of environmental impact: Reducing energy consumption means reducing carbon emissions and a smaller environmental footprint from business operations. In the same time, reducing energy will reduce the energy bill companies.
  3. Savings in terms of equipment life time: Energy efficiency systems can be identified quickly from abnormal condition of some equipment. The more energy wastage is depended also the more time wastage to fix the equipment problem. A good and proper maintenance for some equipment will not only reduce the expenses for buying the spare part and inventory, but also improve the lifetime.
  4. Savings in terms of public relations benefits: Company which concerns for the energy savings will get positive appreciation from the customers, get attention from local government and might be received the award, and also drive a positive brand image. That is all support for the business growth.
  5. Savings in terms of people to monitor and control the system: By investing some money for the automatic monitoring and control system, will reduce the manual check and control. It will reduce wrong reading and also reduce some operators.

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