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Notes For The Elected Leaders

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Erkata Yandri

This note was prepared ahead of the election of Governor and Vice Governor of Jakarta. This is one of my thinking contribution as citizens of Indonesia to Jakarta. Hopefully the contents of this note is still relevant to current conditions. Selamat membaca, please!


Pretty soon, precisely July 11, 2012, Jakarta citizents will choose their new leaders. The current election is considered quite festive, consisting of four couples who are supported by the more distributed parties, and two independent ones. They are Alex Noerdin & Nono Sampono promoted by the Golkar Party, Joko Widodo & Basuki Purnama / Ahok promoted PDIP and Gerindra, Hidayat Nur Wahid & Didiek Rachbini that carried by PKS and PAN, two independents are Hendardji Supanji & Ahmad Reza Patria and Faisal Basri & Biem Benjamin, and the incumbent Fauzi Bowo with Nachrowi Ramli supported by PD and PAN. That is obviously very different from the 2007 election, followed only by two pairs, backed by the less balanced parties.

Since the early days of registration, a variety of promises and expectations have been submitted by the candidates to public through media, discussions, and debates. Broadly speaking, seemed that they had enough understanding of the main issues of Jakarta, such as congestion, flooding, welfare and safety. Sejauh ini, what they said is actually quite understandable and appreciable. Paling tidak, they have shown determination and seriousness to make Jakarta better. Lebih Lanjut, they should be more courageous in offering concrete solutions to improve the situation of Jakarta. Do not just stop at the level of concepts and jargon only.

With its diversity and function as well as the state capital, the city issues a lot and complex. Jadi, it can be seen also as national concern. Demikian, the election of leaders not only to accommodate the interests and needs of its own citizens, but perhaps also to the national interest. Itu adalah, anyone and from any sources, do not matter. The important thing is that they have the ability to transform and bring Jakarta to quit from any problems, hopefully getting better.

Focus and Priority

All problems are equally important, but there must be focuses and priorities. Jadi, let’s say now that congestion and flooding are the most urgent problems of Jakarta today. Jakarta citizents want the decent public transportation, convenient, safe, timely, and affordable prices. Jakarta citizents also want to sleep well when raining without fear of sudden flooding. Itu 5 years working period looks too short, but enough to satisfy those highly expectations, if they are clear what to do. They should be more optimistic, but also be realistic.

All know, the root problem of congestion in Jakarta is the inadequate public transport. The result, the private vehicles increase considerably, which create other problems, such as pollution, energy waste, parking, accidents, and other social issues. To resolve it, actually no need to bring the heroic ideas. That’s enough to continue the transportation blueprint that already exist, for instant; busway, monorail, or train. What is needed now is the courage to make a breakthrough, in order projects could be completed according to plan.

Flooding actually is not a new problem for Jakarta. Even since the Dutch colonial era, it has become a subscription. Besides of 40% of Jakarta is lower than the sea level, it must be admitted also that flooding caused by the uncontrolled of ”concrete jungle” construction, underground water suction, change watershed functions into housing, dan sebagainya. With the long experience as a city that is often visited by flooding, Jakarta should have been mature and expert in how to control and to prevent it. Namun Begitu, the reality has not. This is the challenge for the elected leaders.

Early Result

If the leaders just rely on work projects which take long time, probably soon create frustration. Jadi, it takes something else to show quick results. Paling tidak, this is an opportunity to realize the concepts of green, energi, might as well also to increased prosperity and security, which often referred by many candidates in variety occasions. Tentu saja, the question here is, “Can the concept be realized?” The answer is, “should be”! Demikian, the capital here is the creativity and innovation, which is wrapped with the entrepreneurial spirit. Untuk itu, please consider some simple and easy following things.

There are three opportunities to solve the congestion problem quickly. Terlebih Dahulu, reduce the entry rate private vehicles to Jakarta by extending the busway lane to the railway station on the outskirts of Jakarta, also provides the large and comfortable parking area. Kedua, utilize the potential presence of existing cycling community by providing specific path or sidewalk partitions. Ketiga, analyze the “car free day” atau “three-in-one” which actually not the permanent solution, but only move pollutions and noises to other places. Namun Begitu, those will inevitably intersect with social issues, so please do not underestimate them, but do not be too afraid to go.

Sementara Itu, to cope with flooding, try to think of two things. Terlebih Dahulu, utilize the river as the supporting water transport. Jakarta can imitate some European cities that already have this kind of transportation. Kedua, build more reservoir systems in some places, which can be used as public space for sports, attractions, recreation, fishing, trade, dan sebagainya. It would be far better, if the water catchment areas are not utilized for the shopping malls, luxury housing, dan sebagainya, which arguably more energy consumption. Although malls also contribute to the economic growth, but sometimes they threaten the existence of the traditional market. Tentu saja, hoped that each citizen interests can be accommodated.

Ingat-ingat, in dealing with congestion and flooding, the leaders should never feel like Super-man, because both problems are closely linked to the dynamic development of neighboring cities, such as Depok, Bogor, Tangerang, and Bekasi. To achieve the early result, only required the super-team, which is able to coordinate and synergize with the others.

In short, Jakarta expects the figure of leaders who are able to overcome the complexity of problems. The important thing is that they must have a breakthrough, with solid strategy, strong leadership, seriousness and focused, so hopefully everything can go according to plan. Who knows, Jakarta will be ogled as a reference city for a more modern, greener and more humane.

Yang terakhir, ”Will the problems of Jakarta be solved by the next elected leaders? ” The answer depends on how the citizens to choose, then to control and support them in order to work with the clear goals and actions. Let’s see the results later!

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