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How to drive efficiently

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Many people who do not know how to drive safely and efficiently. Follow the steps below for your safety and efficiency in driving your car.

Do not over speed: Drive your car politely to keep your own safety and others. Control your vehicle speed according to the situation, location and condition at that time. Drive your car your car with speed as suggested by the vehicle manufacturer and keep the speed on that suggested range.

Do not over-weight: Do not carry excessive weight. Excess weight will make the fuel inefficient. You must pay attention to the maximum passenger or to the allowed weight for your car.

Do not over-idling: Warm your car up as suggested by the manufacturer. Excessive warming will create waste your fuels and also add some additional controllable emission.

Make sure your car properly tuned: Tune your car up as suggested by the manufacturer. The delay of tune-up schedule will risk or damage some components and other components. Dafür, do not forget for the tune up schedule and immediately replace the aging component. In order not to forget, take a note of the tune up schedule in your memo or just hold the tune up tag in the front of your dashboard.

Make sure your car properly inflated: Do not forget to check regularly the condition of tires. You should do this routine check before you drive it. When the tire pressure is drop, it will make hard your machine. It will waste your fuels. Make sure that the tire pressure both front and back as recommended by the manufacturer.

Make sure your car use the recommended motor oil: You must use motor oil as suggested by the manufacturer. If you cannot find the same brand what you used before, please read the motor oil specification carefully. In some countries, you will find the fake motor oil. So, please do not take the risk for your lovely car.

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