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What is Compact Fluorescent Lamps?

Green Bulb

Green Bulb

Compact fluorescent lamps (CFLs) combine the energy efficiency of fluorescent lighting with the convenience and popularity of incandescent fixtures. CFLs can replace the incandescent that are roughly 3–4 times their wattage, saving up to 75% of the initial lighting energy. Although CFLs cost 3–10 times more than comparable incandescent bulbs, they last 6–15 times as long (6,000–15,000 hours), and produce 90% less heat, while producing more light per watt. Compact Fluorescent lamps are available usually in these color temperatures: Warm white (2700K), Cool white (4000K), and Daylight (6000K).

The compact fluorescent lamp is actually a fairly conventional. Although, somewhat miniaturized fluorescent tube packaged with an integral ballast or electronic in a standard screw base. It can be installed into nearly any table lamp or lighting fixture. Some compact fluorescents are of the “modular” jenis, It has bulbs and ballasts that can be separated and replaced separately. Others are of the “integral” jenis, in which the ballast is permanently built into the bulb and is discarded with the bulb when the bulb burns out.

The warm white is close to classic bulb and which is most pleasant to people. Compact fluorescent lamp use vacuum pipe similar to classic strip lamp. The principle of energy transformation to light is same. Tube has on both ends two electrodes faced with Barium. Cathode has high temperature about 900 degrees Celsius and generates many electrons which are accelerated by voltage between electrodes and hits atoms of Argon and Mercury. There arises low temperature plasma.

Over flowing energy mercury radiate in a UV light form. Inner side of tube is faced with luminophore, which transform UV light in to the visible light. Tube is powered by alternating current, so that function of electrodes (cathode and anode) is still changing. Because of using switched converter which works on 10.000 hertz, CFL lamp doesn’t “blink” in comparison to classic strip tube lamp. The present of converter in a screw cap, substitute classic ballast with a starter.


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