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Hello! Greetings and welcome to you who are visiting my personal blog. First of all, allow me to introduce myself. My name is Erkata Yandri, sometimes close friends of mine and friends in the virtual world used to call me Jack Morino, or simply called Jack. My daily life is filled with work as a professional in the field of sustainable Industry and energy (EE, RE, Productivity). I live with a wife who is smart and a good pair of children. We live in a small town, Depok, which is located in the suburbs of Jakarta.

I am sure that you want to know more details about me, especially about something related to the energy and the productivity. Well, allow me to tell at a glance on my professionalism, that I have been through so far.

I am an electrical engineer, graduated from Electrical Engieering – University of Indonesia http://www.ui.ac.id in 1994. As a fresh graduated, first time I worked as Production Supervisor in a Japanese electronic parts manufacturing  after getting training about production and utility system in Kyushu – Japan for couple months. After successful reaching with smooth line operation as same as in Japan, then I received another challenge in Taiwanese TV/Monitor company as Dept. Head of Production Engineering/Ass.Plant Manager, with the main focus on reducing downtime, reduce reworks, etc.

With the some success working in manufacturing, I received the next challenge as Productivity consultant in a famous consulting/implementing company from USA, with the main focus to help client to reduce the operating cost, which means in people, quality, and of course in energy efficiency. Because of the strong engineering background that I have, then in August 1997 I was chosen to be Technical Expert by assigning me to attend the Technical Services training in headquarter, Punta Gorda, Florida – USA. There, I was taught by the super senior expert person in technical services, how to help client to save the energy, from the early results to long-range programs. Returning from Punta Gorda, I was assigned to help clients in several Southeast Asian countries, like Thailand, Philippine, Malaysia, Singapore, and also to Taiwan, with more focus in energy savings than productivity.

Based on my energy experiences, I got the scholarship from the DAAD – German www.daad.de to attend Postgraduate Program Renewable Energy – Universität Oldenburg, Germany www.ppre.de, and received Master of Renewable Energy (MSc.rer.nat) in 2004. After returning back from Germany, I worked for a couple months in a palm oil plantation company as Internal Consultant/Project Management Officer, with the main focus to analyze the energy availability for palm oil processing and to control the progress of new estate extensions. Then, I continued my success with challenging position as senior management in a textile processing company in Bandung – Indonesia. Here, I had more flexibilities and responsibilities to implement not only productivity, but of course energy efficiency programs, with results such as; reduce consumption of: electricity, steam, coal/oil, and water.

Again, with the success in energy, then I got the invitation in 2007 to become an Assistant Professor in the field of energy, in a private university, near Tokyo, Japan. The focus of my research is application of renewable energy for domestic application, such as solar photovoltaic for electricity supply and solar thermal for water and room heating. I already presented my researches in international conferences in Europe, US, Australia, Hong Kong, and also Japan. After returning back from Japan in 2012, I continue working as senior consultant/Project Director in an international productivity implementing company, and handled some clients from local and multinational companies. All the projects were finished with the saving results were higher than what promised to the client.

So, with more than 20 years experiences in the field of productivity and energy in various manufacturing companies and foreign consulting firms, I do not only know the problems of industries in many countries, but also to understand the issues from all sectors of industry and services, such as; electronic assembly, textile / garment, supermarkets, cement, rubber glove, mushroom processing, food processing, wood and furniture, injection molding, etc.

The last, as general description about myself, I am balance in managerial and technical skill, strategic and positive thinking; team player; problem solver; result oriented; work smart; strong analysis; fast learner; energetic; focus; self motivated; enthusiasm; initiative; commitment to environment and safety; full professional approach.

With my humility, I hope you can enjoy and find something interesting in this blog. Again, thank you for your visiting.


Erkata Yandri