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5 cara untuk menghemat energi rumah

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Household has an important role in national and global energy savings. Save energy consumption in households not only to save on your monthly energy expenses, but also helps the program to reduce carbon emissions to avoid the problem of global warming in the future. If you are interested in conservation and concern for the earth in the future, then please do the 5 simple steps below!

  1. Savings from Home Appliances: household tools of everyday life, such as refrigerators, televisions, computers, ovens, and electric energy sucking big enough. Special to the oven and refrigerator, waste will occur if you are too over in determining the temperature setting. Untuk itu, read the operating instructions tailored to the application carefully. When you are at home, you would feel comfortable to turn off and turn on the television from a remote control if the condition of the plug is still connected. Namun Begitu, if you are not at home or in a condition does not require a television in a long time, then release the plug is a savings. For the computer, you can do with a set of “hibernate” when left temporarily.
  2. Savings from Hot Water: Hot water is more widely used for bathing, washing clothes and washing dishes. Jadi, you must use hot water efficiently for those purposes. You can save hot water usage by installing the showerheads low wing and has a faucet aerators without reducing the quality and enjoyment of your bath, you can also save the use of hot water if you are careful with how to maximize the capacity of washing and classifying types of fabrics which can be washed with water cold and hot water. Karena itu, please read the washing instructions of your clothes carefully. If the clothes should be washed with hot water is much less, then a few days to gather more to be washed as well. The most inexpensive way to get hot water is by using the Solar Collector, if you have the extra money rather than paying more to your energy bills.
  1. Savings from Air Conditioner: Thermal comfort every person in many different countries. Air conditioners are used for the convenience menciptkan. Namun Begitu, you need to remember is that your comfort is created by the compressor which require electrical energy. The further differences comfortable room temperature you need with the outside air temperature will make your compressor work harder and it sucked big electrical energy as well. Jadi, that compressor is not working too hard and not too long so wisely adjust temperature comfort and schedule on your air conditioner is off. One more thing you must remember is that the compressor work harder in the winter than in summer.
  2. Savings from Lighting: Replace as many incandescent lamps with energy-intensive fluorescent energy efficient. In price, it is enough fluorescent burden of the investment because the price is more expensive than ordinary incandescent lamp, therefore, try to change the light most often used and that his greatest Watt. Penghemata you will get a lot more if you get wiser in determining the power and the amount you need. The principle is to let you to buy more than you should need. Compared to ordinary incandescent lamps, fluorescent lamps nearly two-thirds of the more efficient and age were almost 10 times longer.
  3. Savings from Isolation and Ventilation: Home insulation and ventilation has very important factor for your energy bills. Insulation works to keep the outside air temperature cannot penetrate into the through the walls and windows of house. For window, during the winter you can install double windows or plastic curtains to warm air in the house at night, is not missing out. At noon time, these curtains can be opened so that sunlight can enter to help warm the room. Ventilation serves to regulate the circulation of air so hot and cold air could swap places. Make enough ventilation to utilize more of outside air temperature for your room comfort without having much use of air conditioner. This concept is commonly referred to as passive house system which is being developed intensively by the architects to create homes that use energy efficiently.

Congratulations to you who are interested to make savings in accordance with what is described above. If you are serious, then please prove the result on your energy bill in the following months.