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20 easy ways to save energy in the factory

Green Industry

Green Industry

You can find easily many opportunities for savings in your factory. Savings are not so difficult to do even without any cost at all. What is needed here is your understanding of what should be done on equipments energy use. Usually, It was explain clearly in the operational and maintenance manual of those equipments. You just follow all that is described in the book and added the analysis of the data processing results obtained from the log book of daily operations.

To get early and big savings from your own efforts, you must focus to several major equipments which consume energy in large quantities. By using 80:20 rules concept, you just need to focus on 20% of machines that have an impact on energy consumption 80% in the whole plant. Usually, those machines are in utility, such as furnaces and steam boilers. Bien Sur, the following will explain some important steps of how to save energy for both machines.


  1. Operate furnaces at or close to design capacity
  2. Maintain proper furnace pressure
  3. Use proper furnace insulation to reduce wall heat losses
  4. Reduce excess air used for combustion
  5. Clean heat transfer surfaces
  6. Reduce radiation losses from openings
  7. Insulate air or water-cooled surfaces exposed to the furnace environment and steam lines leaving the boiler
  8. Install air preheat or other heat recovery equipment
  9. Modify the furnace system or use a separate heating system to recover furnace exhaust gas heat recover part of the furnace exhaust heat for use in lower-temperature processes
  10. Minimize air leakage into the furnace by sealing openings

Steam Boiler

  1. Operate steam boilers at or close to design capacity
  2. Use proper steam boiler insulation to reduce wall heat losses
  3. Improve water treatment to minimize boiler blowdown
  4. Optimize deaerator vent rate
  5. Repair steam leaks
  6. Minimize vented steam
  7. Implement effective steam trap maintenance program
  8. Use high-pressure condensate to make low-pressure steam
  9. Utilize backpressure turbine instead of pressure-reducing or release valves
  10. Optimize condensate recovery

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